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Our wine and craft Makers are amongst the fiercest competitors in the world, how do we know this? For the past 12 years, our fierce Makers have been battling for top spot down Main Street in Jordan Village. Battling blizzards, icy streets and freezing rain; nothing has stopped these all-star rollers on their quest to winning the coveted Golden Blunnies trophy.

The Rules

The barrel must be flipped, end over end, from one end of the course to the other. Each maker gets two chances to roll the course, with their fastest trial being considered for the winner’s circle. Whichever Maker rolls the course the fastest, during in their two attempts, will be crowned 2021’s Winter WineFest@Home Barrel Rolling Champion!

Who will you be cheering for from your couch? #ThisisHowWeRoll

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Part 1, Sue-Ann Staff, Sue-Ann Staff Estate Winery

Part 2, Clark Tyler, Fielding Estate Winery

Part 3, Dan Stouck, Malivoire Wine Company

Part 4, The Winner’s Circle

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