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Is your child a lover of nature or an avid explorer of the great outdoors?

Hosted by the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority, Ball’s Falls Nature School welcomes their curiosity as they bring education out into the wilderness and in the case of 2021 – into your living room!

Winter STEM Activities for Families

What Slides on Ice?

At-home experiment

Learn all about friction with this frosty experiment!

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Sugar and Ice

At-home experiment

Find out what makes fruit so sweet – and whether fresh or frozen fruit is sweeter!

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Pinecone Birdfeeder Craft

We can sustainably supplement the natural diet of our feathered friends! In this activity, you will learn how to make a birdfeeder to attract native winter birds, like cardinals and downy woodpeckers!

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NPCA Educational Programs and Camps

More Learning-at-Home resources are available online.

Interested in Ball’s Falls Nature School, or Outdoor Adventure Day Camps for your children? Find out more.

Thank You to our partners at the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority for sharing all these COOL facts and activities!

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